Blinds provide a tranquil and modern feel for your home. With both faux-wood and wood options, blinds are both a popular and practical choice. The newest, no-holes/routeless option will prevent light from entering your home – a great alternative to fabric window coverings.




Classic wood blinds will help you to create a look of warmth and serenity in your home. Choose from a variety of paints or stains and enjoy either cordless or motorized options. You can not go wrong with this timeless aesthetic!



Opt for a popular choice with synthetic wood blinds. Faux-wood blinds appear just as luxurious as the real thing and are easier to care for. There’s no risk of warping, cracking or splitting in high-humidity environments. Perfect for your garage, bathroom or workshop! Our faux-wood blinds are available in both light or dark colors, cordless or battery-operated motorized.



Durable and easy to care for, vertical blinds are a lovely fit for your glass patio doors. Verticals will fit nicely with any budget and provide the home with superior light control. Each set comes with a heavy duty track system and valance. Our designer will gladly help you to browse through the options, including single or dual stack and vertical sliding panels.