Custom shades, in a variety of colors and materials, are known for both their form and function. Shades are easy to operate, known for maximum light control and protection from the elements. Create a soft and romantic feel or a sleek and modern setting with cellular, solar, roman or natural shades.




Cellular shades, or honeycomb shades, are considered a high-performance option.  These shades are energy efficient, reduce noise, and provide maximum protection from light. Custom options include a large color pallet, specialty shapes, and more. This is a very popular choice for those aiming to create a green and serene environment.



Solar shades are a stylish choice! The semi-opaque fabric will protect your rooms from UV and glare, while allowing you an open view to the outdoors. Wonderful for city views or your backyard oasis.

144039 Graber Solar Roller


Roman shades are a designer favorite. The soft, drapery-like appearance creates an elegant and whimsical look for your home (while also creating privacy and protection from the sun!) Roman shades are fit to each budget and you’ll love exploring the creative options for each room.



Relax and savor nature’s most beautiful, renewable materials with our natural shades. Made from organic bamboo, reeds, grass, and popular jute, natural shades allow for light control and an earthy environment in any room of your abode.